About this podcast

Hello! Thank you for joining me here, my name is Lody Meijer. I started Imagine Moving in a time when the whole world came to a halt. Next to feelings of insecurity and fear, that moment in time felt like a window of opportunity. 

Throughout this podcast I will try to amplify the beautiful movement that is all around me and create a space for deep listening, connection and (ex)change. I use the healing power of dance and the wisdom of the body as an entrance point for attentive listening experiences. Next to my own words, you will listen to the voices of people that inspire me and that are willing to share their stories with the world.

Hopefully the outcome will appeal to your imagination, inspire self-inquiry and perhaps even the act of movement.

To imagine moving towards a brighter future can be quite a quest. But together we can make it.

For more of my personal thoughts, listen to my introduction. Much love, 

○ Exploration space ○ / Sophia van Ruth