You made it!
Welcome to Imagine Moving. 

Believe it or not, I am a bit nervous but equally excited to welcome you to this podcast. It is a personal journey, as much as it is a shared one, dedicated to every body that wants to move towards a more inclusive future with me. Before I tell you more about this platform I wonder: When was the last time you realized what a precious being you are? And how your presence is contributing to this complex world we live in? I bet you have a unique story to tell. Maybe some day you can tell me.

About the podcast. On this platform you find 
manifestos, essays, interviews and guided explorations by dancers, artists, philosophers and other movement researchers from all over the world. Through conversations and by the use of our imagination, we bring forward the wisdom that is stored within our bodies and use it as a guideline for a better understanding of ourselves, eachother and the world around us. I secretely hope it will encourage you to dive deep into your own body. Or that it inspires you by listening to the stories of others. Whatever path you choose. Take your time to make it your own.

Any thoughts or want to contribute to an episode? Contact me.
I like to hear from you.

On behalf of all the people involed.


Ep. 5 | Nature Connectedness / Kyle Koch